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The WIND & WATER FOUNDATION is a global non-profit humanitarian organization focused on providing accessible water, seeding development projects for basic living needs, and energizing the commerce within developing villages. The foundation also has strategic partnerships with several domestic organizations to provide a reverse windfall of global education and enlightenment for youth in the United States.Water Well drilling is an Art and a Science. Site selection is based upon location of the need, accessibility for the people and the equipment, and general area successful wells, and in some cases; geophysical testing and mapping.

There is a wide range of the cost for a well based on a number of factors including, but not limited to; location (travel distance for rig and crew), depth, geology (sand, clay, shale, rock, etc.), power access for pump, pump type based on depth and water flow, and salinity of the potable water, and design fee and Federal & Local Permit & License fees. Elevated Storage Tanks are also an added cost.

The Range for the well cost is from a close-estimate of 8,500. USD to 26,500. USD, with the mean being at 17,500. USD
The priority of which well(s) are next is based on the urgency of the need, the number of children and adults it will serve, the current water accessibility status, and the quality of the current water source.

Become a Maji Mshirika (Water Partner):

Donations go into a well fund to accumulate to a level needed to (a) create a maintenance reserve for the well (typically 7% of the well initial cost) and (b) commence with the 100% funded drilling (or hand digging in a small few cases) program. If a donor is interested in funding a complete well and/or a specific well, please contact us so we can provide more details.

DONATIONS: Please send 501 (C) (3) donations to P.O. Box 670521, Dallas, Texas, 75367
Checks are our most efficient and effective way to get the maximum funds to the water wells
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support and encouragement!