The Wind & Water Foundation Inc. is a registered Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas, operating primarily in eastern Africa, with expansion plans around the globe. Tax exempt status (501 c3) has been granted by United States Federal Government.

The Foundation also has Strategic Partnerships with several domestic organizations to provide a reverse windfall of global education and enlightenment for youth in the United States.

The Foundation is associated with the AFRIWASH Foundation; an NGO (a non-government organization) registered and operating in Kenya, to assist with the facilitation of both organization’s Mission Statements and Projects.

Board Members

Viktoriya Kovalenko – Vancouver, Washington

Brad Moore – Dallas, Texas

Robert (Bob) Norman – Dallas, Texas (In Requiem)

Pastor Steve Rutenbar – Dove Canyon, California (In Requiem)

Fr. Don Spafford – Ruidoso, New Mexico