Below is a map of our completed and operational well in Kitale, Kenya

February was a successful month for the Foundation, completing two more wells in the Rift Valley. The first well was a complete overhaul and rework of the well at the Girls High School on the Sister Freda Medical Clinic and Hospital complex. This well now is at full production, with a surface well head and pump system, providing potable water to the school and multiple other needs.

North 000 degrees, 57.439′
East 034 degrees, 56.331′
Elevation 5,971 ft

The second well is a new shallow, hand-dug well, placed on the site of the new Orphans Home and School. The fondly named Piki Piki Pastor Orphanage will be the site of the second Gilgal School, to compliment the first Gilgal School in Ephrahim, near Kitale. The well is producing an abundance of fresh, potable water, and will serve the school, and the surrounding communities and villages.

North 000 degrees, 58.824′
East 035 degrees, 10.326′
Elevation 6,154 ft